A Note on Thursday Travels…

These travel posts were originally posted on my old, now-defunct blog that I wrote with my sister Vicky. The majority of them recount our adventures in Europe in May-June 2011 (in all our terrible hair extensions and Ugg-booted glory), but I thought I’d transfer them over anyway. More than anything, we wrote them to keep our memories alive and share our scattered observations — they are by no means meant to be comprehensive travel guides or anything. Just thought I’d clarify that 🙂


Thursday Travels: Pag Island

CROATIA-4So, Pag Island, Croatia wouldn’t exactly have been top of our must-visit destinations (in fact, we hadn’t even remotely heard of it). But as it was one of the stops on our tour, we didn’t exactly have a whole lot of say in the matter. An island that’s actually connected to Croatia by bridge, it has 2 towns (Pag and Croatia), a population of just under 10, 000, and a weirdly barren, rocky landscape. It apparently is quite a lively place in the height of summer, but we hit it in May–just before the season got into full swing — so for us, it was pretty…dead. Not very many places were open for the season yet, and the whole island had this super sleepy, stagnant vibe to it. But you know what?! Some of our fondest memories from our time in Europe were the random escapades we got up to during our 2 days there. When you don’t have a wealth of museums to diligently check out, you make your own kind of fun…


{…like finding depressing little souvenir shops…}


{…and spending way too much time trying on kitschy sunglasses…}


{…and wandering around the back streets, only to discover that ’80s-style hair salons are still alive and well…}


{…and pondering on what a “Becki” burger consists of…}


{…and getting lost and not being able to read maps, much less ones in Croatian…}


{…and indulging in copious amounts of ice cream and Orangina…}


{…like, seriously…}


{…and enjoying romantic sunsets by the beach…}


{…and going for late-night hot chocolates (what can we say, we know how to party!)…}


{…before bidding a bleary-eyed farewell to Pag Island}

Thanks for the memories, Croatia! We’ll never forget you.