Leather and Lace

While I love colour, there are times when I’m more in the mood for a crisp, monochrome outfit — and this combination of a leather jacket, lacy top, and black skinny jeans fits the bill nicely when I want to wear something that’s casual but still reasonably put-together. One of the perks of a black and white ensemble is that it’s a seasonless look that looks equally appropriate for spring as it does for autumn; the only thing that I’ve changed up a bit is my make-up: bright orangey-red lips instead of berry, and fresh, pale pink nails instead of black.

IMG_5884IMG_5897 IMG_5908IMG_5923IMG_5917IMG_5920IMG_5914
Leather jacket — River Island
Lace top — Forever 21
Jeans — Gap
Heels — My DIY Louboutins (Fergalicious shoes with a Rosso Solini stick-on red sole)
Sunglasses — Givenchy
Rings — Forever 21
Lipstick — Heat Wave by NARS
Nail polish — Minimalistic by Essie



10 Trends for S/S 2015

I love scoping out what trends are big each fashion season and then deciding which I’d like to test out…and which I’ll pass on. Here are some of my personal favourite and least favourite s/s 2015 trends — I’d love to know your thoughts!



Yes! to:

1. Flared Jeans
I’ve been a big fan of this ’70s style for years thanks to the fact that they’re super flattering and comfortable. I guess the one downside to rocking a pair of flares is that you have to wear them with some kind of heel (preferably a chunky wedge sandal), but the payoff is worth it — your legs will seriously go on for miles.
MIH Jeans

2. Knee High Gladiators
I was a bit on the fence when this rather intense trend first caught my attention: did I find it crazy or cool?! After a bit of debate, I’m currently leaning towards the latter… I think I’d play it safe myself though and opt for a pair in a more flattering lighter shade like tan or gold.
Topshop Gladiator Sandals

3. Gingham
While I haven’t actually rocked a gingham frock since 1996, it’s a trend I wouldn’t be averse to revisiting (although this time around, I think I’ll stick with a chic black-and-white print instead of my blue Dorothy style of yore).
Dolce & Gabbana Dress

4. Suede Skirts
In a sea of florals and brights, I love the unexpected look of a luxe suede skirt. I’d pair it with either a cream, peasant-style blouse or a silky, printed shirt.
Miss Selfridge Skirt

5. Palm Print
This lush, tropical look has been sprouting up everywhere this past season, from clothes to wallpaper to uh, cakes (thank you, Pinterest, for enlightening me). I love its sultry vibe, and if I had the guts I would totally wear a full-on palm-print jumpsuit.
New Look Shirt Dress

No! to:

1. Extreme Fringe
All for very well for Coachella and the like, but I’m not sure I want to resemble Pocahontas in the real, non-festival world.
P.A.R.O.S.H Fringed Waistcoat

2. Bucket Bags
A bag should be one of two things (and ideally both): really capacious/functional and/or aesthetically pleasing… And I don’t know why, but for me bucket bags are neither.
Lucky Brand Bucket Bag

3. Flatforms
When I wear heels, I don’t do so for the extra inches of height they give me (I could do without that), I wear them because they make my legs look more lean and shapely. So a shoe that makes me six feet tall but does nothing for the actual shape of my legs…?! Yeah, no, don’t sign me up for flatforms.
Ash Flatform Sandals

4. Denim Dresses
Is it just me, or has denim everything suddenly reached a magnitude not witnessed since, well, this?! Jackets, skirts, overalls, jumpsuits, shoes (!), dresses…it seems no item of clothing is safe from being denimized this season, and I’m not sure I’m on board. I don’t hugely dislike denim dresses, but they just don’t feel very me.
River Island Shirt Dress

5. Round Sunglasses
They always say that with sunglasses you should opt for a style that’s the opposite of your face shape, so these Lennon-esque shades are a no-go for me with my chubby little cheeks. They would look great, however, on someone with a more angular face.
Necessary Clothing Sunglasses