Lipstick of the Week: Claudia by NARS

This beautiful lipstick was a birthday treat from my mama, and it’s the perfect colour for spring. I love a dark, moody lip shade during the winter months, but now that the weather is warming up and I’ve shed my heavy brocades and wools in favour of bright florals and crisp whites, I need my make-up to follow suit, and this little beauty is the perfect accompaniment to my warm-weather clothes. The cool, blue-based tone makes teeth look whiter, and the creamy texture is moisturizing with just a little bit of a sheen to it which makes for a nice change from my usual matte lipstick.

As I’ve mentioned before, NARS is not the cheapest brand on the market, but the quality of their stuff is fantastic — definitely a worthwhile investment!

The Lowdown on Claudia
Brand: NARS
Product Type: Audacious Lipstick
“Cool pink”
Price Range: 
$32 / $$$
Girly and fun



Lipstick of the Week: Pink Pout by Revlon

I consider myself a bit of a make-up snob in that I tend to favour products from MAC and Sephora over their drugstore equivalents (this does not apply to mascara, however — I always go budget on that). Having said that, I’m not completely averse to the odd Revlon or Rimmel lipstick, and, in fact, some of my very favourite lipsticks have been by more affordable brands. (When my sister Claudia was in New Zealand, she was shocked to see that Revlon is considered a pretty high-end brand over there, price-wise; the average Revlon lipstick was roughly $20+ Canadian!)

I’ve had this little lipstick, Pink Pout, for I want to say maybe 5 years (!) and it’s still going strong (you can forget what they say about tossing your lipsticks after a year or whatever). It’s a chalky, slightly matte shade that works really well with a smoky silvery eye, and (for me at least), makes for a refreshing change from my usually loud lipstick colours.

The Lowdown on Pink Pout
Brand: Revlon
Product Type: Matte Lipstick
Pale pink
Price Range: 
$10 (roughly) / $
Demure and ladylike, with a kind of ’60s vibe going on





Lipstick of the Week: Velvet Teddy by MAC

While I am clearly a fan of bright, eye-catching colours when it comes to lipstick, I equally appreciate those more subtle nude tones that you can just swipe on without worrying whether they’ll clash with your outfit. My current favourite nude shade (introduced to me by my sister Claudia) is MAC’s Velvet Teddy, a gorgeous pinky-beige shade with a hint of a ’90s vibe going on.

I have to be careful with neutral shades as I can easily look washed out since I’m so pale, but this one is warm enough to prevent me from looking ghostly. It’s also an incredibly versatile shade, looking great for daytime with nothing more than a slick of mascara and a touch of bronzer, in addition to being the perfect complement to an intense, smoky eye.

The Lowdown on Velvet Teddy
Brand: MAC
Product Type: Matte Lipstick
“Deep-tone beige”
Price Range: 
$21 / $$
Quietly chic and subtle; slightly ’90s (in a cool way 😉 )
Celebrity Fans: Kylie Jenner





Lipstick of the Week: Lingonberry by BITE

It seems like all I post these days are Lipstick of the Weeks, but it just so happens that they’re the quickest and easiest posts to put together, and these past few weeks have been particularly busy for me. (I am working on some more content-heavy travel, recipe, and fashion posts, however, so stay tuned!)

This week’s lipstick is by one of my new favourite brands, BITE, a Toronto-based company available at Sephora who does the most beautiful, richly pigmented shades (I’ve featured them before on the blog with my post on Violet). This shade, Lingonberry, was part of a two-in-one, $15 tube that was unfortunately a limited edition from a year or so ago, but if you’re looking for a very similar colour, check out BITE’s Dragonfruit. Like Lingonberry, it’s a gorgeous, rich magenta-pink colour — what I consider a “wintry” pink as it’s almost got a berry vibe going on that seems to suit this time of year. (Though, obviously, it would look fantastic in summer, too.)

The Lowdown on Lingonberry/Dragonfruit

Brand: BITE Beauty
Product Type:
Amuse Bouche Lipstick
“Magenta violet”
Price Range: 
$30 / $$$
Vibrant, girly, and fun



Lipstick of the Week: Schiap by NARS

Today I’m featuring one of my favourite lipsticks of all time: Schiap by NARS. Pronounced “skap,” and named for the Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli (whose signature colour was hot pink), it’s a beautiful blue-based, semi-matte pink. While it’s certainly bright, I find it’s actually a pretty wearable colour. It seems to go with most of my clothes (I especially love it with neutrals — think black, white, navy, grey, and camel), and the blue tones make teeth look nice and white.

The Lowdown on Schiap
Product Type: 
Semi Matte Lipstick
“Shocking pink”
Price Range: 
$35 / $$$
Sophisticated, but fun and energetic
Celebrity Fans: Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, Blake Lively





Lipstick of the Week: Winterberry by Aveda

First off, a bit of a disclaimer: this is not usually the type of lip product I would normally buy for myself (it’s a glossy “rehydrating lip glaze” and I’m more of a dehydrating matte lipstick kind of girl, plus Aveda had never been on my radar as a destination for make-up), but it was stuffed in my stocking one Christmas, so of course I had to give it a go. And you know what?! I really liked it! I had a bit of a prejudice against glosses because they reminded me of the early ’00s and I always felt they had too much of a “high maintenance” chihuahua-in-handbag vibe about them, but this one is definitely more of a sophisticated, grown-up gloss that is perfect for this time of year, both colour-wise (a rich, plum-y wine), and in terms of texture (it actually does keep your lips hydrated!) Added to that, it has the most divine minty smell/taste!

I had a look at Aveda’s website, and apparently this shade has been renamed “Wineberry” (it seems to be the same colour as my Winterberry, though). Additionally, they have 15 other luscious-looking shades in this finish that I am most definitely coveting right now…

The Lowdown on Winterberry/Wineberry
Product Type:
Rehydrating Lip Glaze
“Shimmery plum with shine”
Price Range:
$18 / $$
Polished and subtly glam





Lipstick of the Week: Red Lizard by NARS

This garnet-coloured beauty has been one of my favourite lipsticks this past winter. I love that it’s got a slight bit of edginess to it, but still feels appropriate (if a little dramatic) for everyday wear. And, while NARS’ lip products are definitely that bit pricier than those of other brands, the pay-off is worth it in my opinion. Not only do they last forever (one of my old favourites, Schiap, is still going strong after 3 years), they have gorgeous pigmentation and last extremely well throughout the day, requiring very minimal touch-ups.

The Lowdown on Red Lizard
Brand: NARS
Product Type: Semi Matte Lipstick
Shade: “Full-powered red”
Price Range: $27 / $$
Vibe: Classic with an edge
Celebrity Fans: Kate Bosworth, Lena Dunham



Lipstick of the Week: Heat Wave by NARS

While I’ve tested out probably hundreds of lipsticks over the years, it’s rare that I’ll come across one that I completely fall in love with immediately. This shade happens to be one of those rare gems; the second I put it on I knew I’d found a real winner. The colour is a rich, tomato-ey orange-red that has a carefree, summery feel to it (sometimes I find a classic, true red can feel a little prim and proper, but this shade totally pairs well with more casual attire). I’m also a big fan of NARS’ semi-matte finish: it gives you that cool matte look without being the least bit drying (Schiap is another shade I love with this same finish).

The Lowdown on Heat Wave
Brand: NARS
Product Type: Semi Matte Lipstick
Shade: Bright orange-red
Price Range: $27 / $$
Vibe: Fun, happy, summery
Celebrity Fans: Zooey Deschanel, Kate Bosworth, Jessica Alba



Lipstick of the Week: Grace by Hourglass

I would definitely consider myself a strong lip rather than bold eye kind of person when it comes to make-up…but that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a good smoky eye from time to time. And, as we all know, the only possible pairing for an intense eye is a subdued lip. You’d think a basic nude lipstick would be an easy thing to obtain, but I found it next to impossible to find the perfect shade — all the ones I tested out were too pale, too chalky, too golden… And then Grace, this little Hourglass freebie from Sephora, came into my life and it was exactly what I was looking for. Described as a “peachy beige,” it’s the perfect nude shade for fair skin.

The Lowdown on Grace
Brand: Hourglass
Product Type: Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick
Shade: “Peachy beige”
Price Range: $35 / $$$
Vibe: Sleek, neutral, polished



Lipstick of the Week: Ruby Woo by MAC

You’ve probably heard of this week’s lipstick, Ruby Woo — it’s reached cult classic status, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s just such a classic red red that looks good on every skin colour (though it’s especially great for those with cool undertones, as it’s a very blue-based red). 

Ruby Woo is definitely one of my all-time favourite lipsticks now, but it wasn’t always that way… When I first started wearing it, I didn’t realize that you need to wear some sort of primer underneath, so after a few hours I’d be left with really flaky, chalky lips. Thankfully, I know better now, and always apply a thin layer of clear balm underneath (any basic chapstick will do as long as it’s untinted).

The Lowdown on Ruby Woo
Brand: MAC
Product Type: Retro Matte Lipstick
Shade: “Vivid blue-red”
Price Range: $20 / $$
Vibe: Classic, iconic, timeless
Celebrity Fans: Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Dita Von Teese

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