Super Easy Fish Tacos


These babies have so much going for them: they taste amazing and also happen to be a cinch to make! I tore this recipe out of Cosmo (it caught my eye with the heading “How to Eat When You Hate to Cook”) and recently tested it out…and it was a hit! A big hit. I’ll definitely be making these again soon…

Here’s my adaptation (makes 4 tacos):

-frozen fish sticks (4) or fillets (2)
-3 tbsp sour cream
-2 tbsp mayo
-2 tbsp lime juice
-1 tbsp hot sauce
-1 tsp minced garlic
-2 cups packaged coleslaw/cabbage mix
-1/2 red bell pepper, diced
-1/2 avocado, diced
-4 6-inch tortillas

Bake fish sticks/fillets according to package instructions. When they’re ready, slice up into bite-size pieces.
Whisk sour cream, mayo, lime juice, hot sauce, and garlic, and toss with the coleslaw mix.
Divide the pepper, avocado, coleslaw mix, and fish into tortillas.



Cinnamon Honey Yoghurt with Fresh Fruit

yoghurtFun fact: I am not a breakfast person at all (which may or may not have something to do with the fact that I’m also not a morning person). However, I’ve been trying to up my healthy eating game of late (another thing that’s not my forte), and I feel that my usual cup of coffee and piece of chocolate isn’t going to cut it anymore.

This yoghurt and fruit layer concoction I came up with makes for a surprisingly satisfying breakfast (or even a snack at any time of the day). Here’s how I made it:

-Mix 1 and 1/2 cups of plain Greek yoghurt with honey and cinnamon to taste (I used about 2tbsp of honey and 1tsp of cinnamon)

-Layer the yoghurt mixture with fresh fruit of your choice (I went for blueberries and raspberries)

-Add your toppings (I recommend sliced almonds, chopped walnuts, and shredded coconut)

And there you have it! An easy, healthy, and filling breakfast that’ll keep you going throughout the morning.