A Note on Thursday Travels…

These travel posts were originally posted on my old, now-defunct blog that I wrote with my sister Vicky.┬áThe majority of them recount our adventures in Europe in May-June 2011 (in all our terrible hair extensions and Ugg-booted glory), but I thought I’d transfer them over anyway. More than anything, we wrote them to keep our memories alive and share our scattered observations — they are by no means meant to be comprehensive travel guides or anything. Just thought I’d clarify that ­čÖé


Thursday Travels: Salzburg

SALZBURG2SALZBURG3Today’s post takes us back to┬áthe pretty city of Salzburg, Austria (aka the home of The Sound of Music). Despite having watched the movie like a million times, the city itself didn’t look at all familiar — so weird! We’d come across places that were apparently featured in the movie, but were pretty much unrecognizable to us. I think this was in large part due to the fact that it was a grey, gloomy, overcast day when we visited, and not the sunny Salzburg of the film. Weather aside though, it’s definitely a really nice place, with its clean, compact, city centre, bustling side streets, peaceful gardens, and lovely architecture.


{FYI, that yellow building is Mozart’s birthplace}


{Salzburg Cathedral}


{The Cathedral again, with Hohensalzburg Castle in the distance}


{St Peter’s Cemetery}


{Probably the most elegant McDonald’s sign in the world}


{Salzburg cityscape}


{And now for something completely different: this electronic, breathing toy dog we spotted in a shop window — so creepy and lifelike.}


{Goodbye, Salzburg! So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, adieu!}