Lipstick of the Week: Red Lizard by NARS

This garnet-coloured beauty has been one of my favourite lipsticks this past winter. I love that it’s got a slight bit of edginess to it, but still feels appropriate (if a little dramatic) for everyday wear. And, while NARS’ lip products are definitely that bit pricier than those of other brands, the pay-off is worth it in my opinion. Not only do they last forever (one of my old favourites, Schiap, is still going strong after 3 years), they have gorgeous pigmentation and last extremely well throughout the day, requiring very minimal touch-ups.

The Lowdown on Red Lizard
Brand: NARS
Product Type: Semi Matte Lipstick
Shade: “Full-powered red”
Price Range: $27 / $$
Vibe: Classic with an edge
Celebrity Fans: Kate Bosworth, Lena Dunham