Lipstick of the Week: Pink Pout by Revlon

I consider myself a bit of a make-up snob in that I tend to favour products from MAC and Sephora over their drugstore equivalents (this does not apply to mascara, however — I always go budget on that). Having said that, I’m not completely averse to the odd Revlon or Rimmel lipstick, and, in fact, some of my very favourite lipsticks have been by more affordable brands. (When my sister Claudia was in New Zealand, she was shocked to see that Revlon is considered a pretty high-end brand over there, price-wise; the average Revlon lipstick was roughly $20+ Canadian!)

I’ve had this little lipstick, Pink Pout, for I want to say maybe 5 years (!) and it’s still going strong (you can forget what they say about tossing your lipsticks after a year or whatever). It’s a chalky, slightly matte shade that works really well with a smoky silvery eye, and (for me at least), makes for a refreshing change from my usually loud lipstick colours.

The Lowdown on Pink Pout
Brand: Revlon
Product Type: Matte Lipstick
Pale pink
Price Range: 
$10 (roughly) / $
Demure and ladylike, with a kind of ’60s vibe going on





Lipstick of the Week: Velvet Teddy by MAC

While I am clearly a fan of bright, eye-catching colours when it comes to lipstick, I equally appreciate those more subtle nude tones that you can just swipe on without worrying whether they’ll clash with your outfit. My current favourite nude shade (introduced to me by my sister Claudia) is MAC’s Velvet Teddy, a gorgeous pinky-beige shade with a hint of a ’90s vibe going on.

I have to be careful with neutral shades as I can easily look washed out since I’m so pale, but this one is warm enough to prevent me from looking ghostly. It’s also an incredibly versatile shade, looking great for daytime with nothing more than a slick of mascara and a touch of bronzer, in addition to being the perfect complement to an intense, smoky eye.

The Lowdown on Velvet Teddy
Brand: MAC
Product Type: Matte Lipstick
“Deep-tone beige”
Price Range: 
$21 / $$
Quietly chic and subtle; slightly ’90s (in a cool way 😉 )
Celebrity Fans: Kylie Jenner





Oscars 2016: The Best & Worst of the Red Carpet

January to March may be my least favourite stretch of the year, but there is one perk to this otherwise dreary time: Awards Season! I’m not the biggest movie buff, but I love love love the Red Carpet coverage. Here were some of the best, worst, and, uh, most interesting looks of the night in my opinion. What were your thoughts on the fashion this year? I’d love to know!



My mum thought it was “too over-the-top,” but I thought Cate Blanchett slayed it in this seafoam Armani Privé gown. The fit was perfection, and the colour beautifully complemented her fair skin.



Of course I have to give my homegirl Saoirse a nod in her shimmery mermaidesque Calvin Klein Collection dress. While I didn’t 100% love it (I felt there was something a bit off about the fit), it happened to be both my sisters’ number one pick of the night — plus she wore emerald green as a tribute to Ireland…awww!


I’m not very familiar with Olivia Munn as an actress…but I thought she looked slick in this vibrant Stella McCartney number. Loved the matching lipstick, too.


I don’t usually like Rooney Mara’s sartorial choices, and I initially thought this Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tsici dress was a bit too colourless for my taste, but overall I thought she really pulled it off and looked pretty sleek (and l loved the pairing of the burgundy lipstick).



At best, Kate Winslet plays it safe on the red carpet in some nondescript navy thing…at worst, well, she does this — basically show up in a shiny black garbage bag (albeit one by Ralph Lauren).



Heidi Klum in Marchesa definitely got my vote for the red carpet’s weirdest dress of the night. THAT SLEEVE.



I swear Reese Witherspoon has worn some iteration of this basic af Oscar de la Renta gown to every single red carpet she’s ever walked.



I think Brie seems like a nice person (fun fact: her surname actually isn’t Larson but she took it as a stage name because her favourite American Girl was Kirsten Larson…aww, mine too!), but her Gucci dress was way too Midwestern prom princess for my liking. That belt! Those ruffles! Even the cobalt blue colour, which I usually like, felt a bit dated.



I didn’t like her dress, but I loved J. Law’s icy blonde lob and natural make-up.


I hated her dress and the accompanying choker, but I liked the braided coronet thing Olivia Wilde had going on.


I thought her dress was ok, but the best part of Naomi Watt’s ensemble for me was the pairing of a classic red lip with her platinum lob.



Not to be creepy or anything, but my sisters and I are obsessed with Alicia Vikander’s gleaming, caramel-coloured skin. I was on the fence about her Louis Vuitton dress, but with that complexion, she could really pull off any colour.

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Hair & Make-up: Jennifer Lawrence:
Olivia Wilde:
Naomi Watts: