Lipstick of the Week: Violet by BITE

Alongside orange, another lip colour I’d been wanting to try out this summer was purple. And by purple, I mean more of a summery, magenta-y shade as opposed to purple purple or berry. I’d been obsessing over BITE’s Violet for ages (it was my go-to sample at Sephora), but I just couldn’t commit to buying the pricy full-sized tube. I knew they had a smaller two-in-one size for a more reasonable $15, but sadly they were sold out everywhere. So you can imagine my delight when my sister Claudia was able to snag one for me at a Sephora in Calgary when she was there a month ago! [Note: I originally wrote this post last year, for my old blog.] Not only is Violet now one of my favourite shades to wear these days, but Palomino, the other colour in the tube (a deep pinky red), is gorgeous too. BITE is a new brand on my lipstick radar, but this Toronto-based company is good. As well as being non-toxic and paraben-free and all that stuff, their colours are rich, vivid, and highly pigmented, which I love (there’s nothing I hate more than a wimpy, watery lipstick). Highly recommended.

The Lowdown on Violet
Brand: BITE Beauty
Product Type: Luminous Creme Lipstick
Shade: Magenta violet
Price Range: $28 / $$ (the 2-in-1 version is $15)
Vibe: Fun and a little bit daring and different