Lipstick of the Week: Winterberry by Aveda

First off, a bit of a disclaimer: this is not usually the type of lip product I would normally buy for myself (it’s a glossy “rehydrating lip glaze” and I’m more of a dehydrating matte lipstick kind of girl, plus Aveda had never been on my radar as a destination for make-up), but it was stuffed in my stocking one Christmas, so of course I had to give it a go. And you know what?! I really liked it! I had a bit of a prejudice against glosses because they reminded me of the early ’00s and I always felt they had too much of a “high maintenance” chihuahua-in-handbag vibe about them, but this one is definitely more of a sophisticated, grown-up gloss that is perfect for this time of year, both colour-wise (a rich, plum-y wine), and in terms of texture (it actually does keep your lips hydrated!) Added to that, it has the most divine minty smell/taste!

I had a look at Aveda’s website, and apparently this shade has been renamed “Wineberry” (it seems to be the same colour as my Winterberry, though). Additionally, they have 15 other luscious-looking shades in this finish that I am most definitely coveting right now…

The Lowdown on Winterberry/Wineberry
Product Type:
Rehydrating Lip Glaze
“Shimmery plum with shine”
Price Range:
$18 / $$
Polished and subtly glam