Lipstick of the Week: Lingonberry by BITE

It seems like all I post these days are Lipstick of the Weeks, but it just so happens that they’re the quickest and easiest posts to put together, and these past few weeks have been particularly busy for me. (I am working on some more content-heavy travel, recipe, and fashion posts, however, so stay tuned!)

This week’s lipstick is by one of my new favourite brands, BITE, a Toronto-based company available at Sephora who does the most beautiful, richly pigmented shades (I’ve featured them before on the blog with my post on Violet). This shade, Lingonberry, was part of a two-in-one, $15 tube that was unfortunately a limited edition from a year or so ago, but if you’re looking for a very similar colour, check out BITE’s Dragonfruit. Like Lingonberry, it’s a gorgeous, rich magenta-pink colour — what I consider a “wintry” pink as it’s almost got a berry vibe going on that seems to suit this time of year. (Though, obviously, it would look fantastic in summer, too.)

The Lowdown on Lingonberry/Dragonfruit

Brand: BITE Beauty
Product Type:
Amuse Bouche Lipstick
“Magenta violet”
Price Range: 
$30 / $$$
Vibrant, girly, and fun