Lipstick of the Week: Pink Pout by Revlon

I consider myself a bit of a make-up snob in that I tend to favour products from MAC and Sephora over their drugstore equivalents (this does not apply to mascara, however — I always go budget on that). Having said that, I’m not completely averse to the odd Revlon or Rimmel lipstick, and, in fact, some of my very favourite lipsticks have been by more affordable brands. (When my sister Claudia was in New Zealand, she was shocked to see that Revlon is considered a pretty high-end brand over there, price-wise; the average Revlon lipstick was roughly $20+ Canadian!)

I’ve had this little lipstick, Pink Pout, for I want to say maybe 5 years (!) and it’s still going strong (you can forget what they say about tossing your lipsticks after a year or whatever). It’s a chalky, slightly matte shade that works really well with a smoky silvery eye, and (for me at least), makes for a refreshing change from my usually loud lipstick colours.

The Lowdown on Pink Pout
Brand: Revlon
Product Type: Matte Lipstick
Pale pink
Price Range: 
$10 (roughly) / $
Demure and ladylike, with a kind of ’60s vibe going on